Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Highfields Parks in November

Some of our member crossing Klein Creek at Williams Park

Though a strong wind was blowing Sunday stayed fine and cool. It was perfect for our tour of some of the parks in Highfields. We started at the Dau Rd entrance to Highfields Falls. It was an easy walk down the track and we were rewarded with was some water over the falls. More than the trickle dribbling down the rock face on our last visit.

A Fan-tailed Cuckoo kept us occupied for a while as it flew from one perch to another. While the Whipbirds were very active in the lantana, calling constantly. However the nosiest birds this morning were the Little Lorikeets which screamed at their highest pitch as they shot, bullet-like through the upper canopy. The Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos were majestic as they dropped from the wattles to glide down the escarpment.

A Lace Monitor or goanna as I still love to call them amazed us as we were standing at the top of the falls. It ambled through the group, crossed the creek and disappeared into the undergrowth, totally unconcerned. The water cress in the creek was very peppery and I picked some for lunch.

We moved on to Peacehaven Botanic Park. Here we were greeted by Rob Campbell (Toowoomba Regional Council, Parks and Gardens Highfields) who gave us a guided tour around this hidden delight. From the road this park looks very unpreposessing but once you wander further in it opens out into a lovely space with panoramic views towards the Bunya Mountains.

Rob told us about Stan Kuhl's generosity in gifting this land to the people of Highfields through the former Crows Nest Shire. Stan's vision for this park underpins its development, and with the help of the Friends of Peacehaven it is truly "a place of peace and tranquility for generations to come." Neil

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