Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Social at Jondaryan Woolshed

Oakey Bank of NSW
Enjoying each other's company
after morning tea.
It was a perfect sunny day, but not too hot at all.

We gathered outside the old Oakey Bank of NSW and went straight in to morning tea; damper & syrup, billy tea or coffee, of course.

After being introduced to our guide, Jeff, we set off on the tour. Many of our members hadn't been to the Woolshed since their children were young so they were interested in the changes. The old homestead, and the cold house were particularly noteworthy, and there was lots of conversation in the schoolhouse. 
Being given the gen on the schoolhouse
On tour

Caper White, Belenois java
There were plenty of birds and butterflies about, but no lists were kept as it was a social day, but Ernie told us he saw a Rufous Songlark, and the Spiny-cheeked Honeyeaters came in close by. 

Shearing demo
Of course the highlight was the woolshed itself and the shearing demonstration. Eventually Louise, the events coordinator, had to come and tear us away as lunch was waiting. This was "Swaggie's Roast" with the beef and veges done over the open fire.

Afterwards Michael entertained us with his poem for the beardies which had us chuckling and was so appropriate for the day.

Michael entertaining us with his poem.

Then there was time to wander about by ourselves, looking at the machinery shed or some fascinating photos in the little history annexe of the Oakey Bank. We all agreed it had been a delightful day. 
Who frightened who out of their skin?
Diana at Oakey Creek
Photos by Jim Ball, Lesley Beaton & Di Turner.

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