Saturday, January 5, 2013

Waterlilies at Grapetree

Inspecting the waterlily ponds at Grapetree

It was a small group that gathered at the Stevens property in December. The weather was hot and steamy but it was all worthwhile as the waterlilies were spectacular. Most of them were exotic but the local wildlife loved them.
Dragonfly nymph on a waterlily bud
(see comment at end of post)
Blue Riverdamsel, Pseudagrion microcephalum
(Ischnura heterosticta - see comment at end of post)
Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog, Litoria fallax
I don't know the names of the waterlilies but I hope you enjoy the display.

I received this comment recently.

Your dragonfly "nymph" is really an exuvia - it's hatched so I wouldn't call it a nymph any more.

Your blue damselfly is actually Ischnura heterosticta - note distinctive blue spots behind the eyes (not shared by Pseudagrion).


Thanks for this, Reiner. My usual source for vetting 'damsels & dragons' was unavailable. TFNC

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