Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Backyard Birds of the Toowoomba Region Launch

WHEN: 18 May 2013 

WHERE: In the State Emergency Headquarters, 

K Block, 165 Hume St, Toowoomba

10 am:
    1. Opening by Mayor, Paul Antonio
    2. The National Birds in Backyard Program (Holly Parsons, Birds in Backyards Program Manager)
    3. Suitable plants to attract birds (Patricia Gardner, Toowoomba Field Naturalists Club)
    4. Cultivated plants suitable/available for Toowoomba gardens (Lauren Marlatt, Toowoomba SGAP)
    5. How to identify birds (Mick Atzeni, Toowoomba Bird Observers Club)
    6. Using Bird Finder program and reporting birds to BIBY web site online (Grahame Rogers, BirdLife Southern Queensland)

12 noon:        Lunch

1 pm – 4 pm:  Field trip to bird-friendly gardens (inner city, large block on urban fringe of the  Toowoomba Field Naturalist Club members ).

Cost $5 (to be paid on arrival).

RSVP essential to Grahame Rogers gwrogers[at] or 07 4698 1727 (Please replace 'at' with the symbol and remove the brackets.)

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