Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Possum Park Camp - April 2013

What with wet weather cancelling outings and internet connections out of action nothing has been posted for a while. This feast of piccies should make up for it. They have been taken by a number of members.

From April 12 - 15 the natters went on a camp to the Miles district. We stayed at Possum Park just north of Miles. For more on Possum Park click here. While most people were in bunkers or cabins there were three who slept under canvas.

Our Possum Park camp in the evening glow
With the countryside rich in herbage and many wildflowers blooming out of season it wasn't only the the botanists who had a great time. The threat of rain which didn't eventuate could not deter them.

Lesley in her 'bin liner' rain coat
Ros & Phil in background


Nats enjoying themselves on camp

    Nats scattering everywhere
Getting together to chat about what we'd seen 
Jim & John at the Miles Historical Village
John checking out a spider's web


Bag of theProcessionary Caterpillar,
Ochrogaster lunifer
Bits and pieces left after a parasitic insect infests the caterpillars
Yellow-horned Clerid, Trogodendron fasciculatum 

Chewobrachys sanguifluaIt's sitting on my jeans so that gives you an idea of scale.

The belly of the Chewobrachys sanguiflua
(don't worry it was very much alive)

Large Potter Wasp being buzzed by a smaller Hymenoptera
Acacia Leaf Beetle, Calomela curtisi
Tailed Emperor, Polyura sempronius
Female Orchard Swallowtail, Papilio aegeus

 Just a taste of some of the plants

Pink Giant Lily, Nymphea gigatea var. neorosea
Yellow Water Snowflake, Nymphoides indica
Commersonia pedleyi 
Commersonia pedleyi seed capsule  


Part of the flock of Buderigars seen on Glenaubyn Road
Noisy Miner feeding a chick
Black Kite


Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog, Litoria fallax
Caught in the net, another Litoria fallax


The golden threads
of the Golden Orb-Weaver Nephila plumipes (yellow joints)
Golden Orb-Weaver Nephila plumipes 


Miles Historical Village

Red Rose Cafe

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