Monday, July 30, 2018

Queensland Road Trip - article and photos by Mary Petr

In May I took my brother and his girlfriend on a three-week road trip – Carnarvon Gorge, Blackdown Table-land National Park, Eungella National Park, Cania Gorge National Park, Lady Elliot Island, Noosa Headland, and Mary Cairncross Park, as well as Girraween and Bald Rock after we returned to Toowoomba. They loved everything. After the platypuses at Eungella, they said they wanted to see an echidna. I told them not to count on it. But three days later we saw two, which did not seem at all bothered by being followed around and photographed. In fact, one of them was about 30 seconds away from climbing over our feet when one of us stepped aside. It rolled up, then unrolled and continued on towards us. I stepped aside and this time it changed direction. But I could not give them a koala. My brother took videos of the platypuses and echidnas which are at the following YouTube links:  rxxl9F6Htas   73sXPa7kZSg. 



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